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Ceramic Coating Paint & Glass Protection

Paintwork and glass protective ceramic coating.

  • 4 hr
  • £325 - £425
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

(If your car has scratching & swirls on the paintwork we recommend the all in 1 “Full Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating” service) Firstly, your vehicle will be thoroughly washed and prepped ready for the ceramic coat, this includes removing all contaminants , polished back down to a fresh layer of paint ready for the ceramic coating to be applied on top, to paintwork and glass. Ceramic coating gives the best ultra strong protection and boasts shine. Delivering protection from UV rays which can cause paint fading over time. Ceramic coating provides a long term carbon shield, bonding onto to your paintwork and glass. We use a long lasting 3 Year guarantee ceramic coating. Ceramic coating also dramatically helps resistance from minor scratching, commonly caused from day to day use, stop typical everyday pollutants from entering your paintwork which can lead to damaging and dulling the appearance of your paint. These pollutants include road salt, dirt, bird droppings, tree sap and pollen, the ceramic coating will act as a repellent to these substances which will also help to keep your car clean for longer in-between washing. Protect your car and watch the rain bead from your car after your ceramic coat! (PRICE DEPENDANT ON YOUR VEHICLE SIZE) We cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to your vehicle. We ask you to remove any belongings before hand.

Contact Details

07860 245171

Bournemouth, UK

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